The Keyboard Solo from "Here Comes The Ogre" by the great Fabrizio Muratori 2020


"The Keys to Egypt" now on Spotify


The new song "The Keys to Egypt" is now on Spotify!

Feel free to listen here: "The Keys to Egypt"

New song on Spotify in February / March


The new song "The Keys to Egypt" will be out on Spotify through Record Union in February / March 2020.

The Keys to Egypt


Working on a hard rock melodic instrumental piece named "The Keys to Egypt".

Rising for tomorrow

"Rising for tomorrow" with Tower of Stone from december 2010 featuring Fabrizio Muratori (keyboard arrangements and keyboard solos) and Matias Kamelmat (second guitar solo).

Listen on Spotify

Feel free to listen to the demo-albums "Painting Tomorrow" (2007) and "The Tale of Enchantia" (2008) (and a little more) here on Spotify.

Also bass pieces here.

And a small classical piece here.

The full bass-EP "Baserat på Piteå" (Bass:ed on Piteå)


Feel free to listen on YouTube:

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